If I could guarantee to improve your sales conversion by 15% after 60 days, would you be interested

Discover my powerful 7-step Charter Reezults Method where I change peoples paradigm and perception about sales through modules of “Think & Grow Rich”  to build strong customer relationships, trust and master the authentic persuasion art that grossed 459.000.000.- over the last 26 years.

Gilbert’s clients are individual salespeople or salespeople from sales organizations that want to change their paradigm and knowledge of a unique sales system. They aren’t following a system, or they don’t have a system. and their results just like 78% of all sales organisations are far below standard. Through my Charter Results Method, I change their behavior and thoughts and create guaranteed results.

Consistently ranked as a keynote speaker, Gilbert blends almost 3 decades of teaching professionally with his signature wit, humor and charm. Having taught over 2,000 sales executives across 12 countries on 3 continents, with Gilbert Heygele, you are in good hands.

Self-made sales expert, who started at the age of 42 and lead New Century Group Holding into a successful multi-million-dollar business in 12 countries on 3 continents.

  • Top-rated keynote speaker delivering inspiring talks on Sales and Sales Motivation
  • Motivated, inspired and touched over 2.000 salespeople globally, from Germany, Spain, Singapore, Bangkok, Taiwan, Philippines, Sabah, Panama and Colombia
  • Gilbert is as a body language expert for sales executives and sales managers.

It will take some investment of your time and energy for both learning & applying new skills. It’s not a quick win but it’s a well worthwhile one. !

Who Is This Program NOT For?

  • People who procrastinate and cannot make a decision.
  • People without no attitude, a sense of humor, energy and enthusiasm.
  • People with self-imposed restrictions.
  • People who are good at making excuses.
  • People who are apathetic.

What Would you Learn from this Program?

  • Master the incredible details of  building rapport the bases of 80% of your sales to influence the buying decision. Identify this with different segment of customers.
  • Understand how to change the human sales mind and increase, by learning his method, the buying decision.
  • Learn precision questioning tools to uncover and influence needs.
  • Consistently communicate value throughout the whole selling interaction.how to


Harold Clark Keig

Founder & Owner New Century Group Holdings

Mr Gilbert Heygele worked for my company, New Century Group Holdings, for over twenty years.

Gilbert recruited, trained and mentored our sales forces around the world.
He has proven to be an essential part of our organization enabling the growth and success of all our sales operations, adapting to different cultures, expanding from Germany, Spain, Singapore, Bangkok, Taiwan, Colombia and Panama.
I can confidently state that our businesses would have never reached the level of success without having Gilbert at the helm of our business with his unique system ( Charter Reezults Method) and great man management skills.

Harold Clarke Keig

Luis Gonzalez

Venture Capitalist

Gilbert Heygele and I have worked together for over a quarter of a century. I have witnessed first hand how he has recruited, trained, motivated teams of sales people from inception, a pretty incredible thing to see, especially if you consider I have seen this happen in Germany, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, Panama, Colombia… each and every time he builds powerful, loyal teams, one individual at a time.
His system simply works.

Luis Gonzalez Martin.