Mr Gilbert Heygele worked for my company, New Century Group Holdings, for over twenty years.

Gilbert recruited, trained and mentored our sales forces around the world.
He has proven to be an essential part of our organization enabling the growth and success of all our sales operations, adapting to different cultures, expanding from Germany, Spain, Singapore, Bangkok, Taiwan, Colombia and Panama.
I can confidently state that our businesses would have never reached the level of success without having Gilbert at the helm of our business with his unique system ( Charter Reezults Method) and great man management skills.

Harold Clarke Keig

Founder & Owner New Century Group Holdings
Isle of Man, United Kingdom.

1993 - 1997 GERMANY

Sales Executive, Sales Manager, Sales Director
Started as a sales Executive in Cologne for
New Century Group Holdings ( Germany) and after 4 months promoted to Sales Manager. 14 months later was in charge of 3 offices in Germany ( Cologne, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf)
Implemented my system ( Charter Reezults) with 64 Sales Executives
Gross Turnover DM 131.000.000.-

1998 - 2001 MALLORCA, SPAIN

Managing Partner Mallorca,
Balearic Islands Spain
New Century Group Holdings, company activity was sales and marketing of property.
Responsibilities: Planning, organizing, managing and training sales staff, managers and marketing on my system "Charter Reezults System"
Gross turnover GBP 34.000.000.-

2001 - 2009 Singapore, bangkok,taiwan

Senior Sales Director
(Singapore, Bangkok and Taiwan)
New Century Group Holdings
Responsible for Sales and Marketing. Recruiting, Training executives ( 29) and managers (5) with the " Charter Reezults System"
Gross Turnover U$ 157.000.000.-

2009 - 2010 panama city, panama

Senior Sales Director
Panama City, Panama
New Century Group Holdings
Start up a sales organization in six months.
Responsibilities: Recruiting and Training managers to set up a 15th bi-lingual sales line and three bi-lingual managers and recruit and train 12 telemarketers with the " Charter Reezults System"
Gross turnover U$ 4.600.000.-

Feb. 2010 - Dec. 2010 taiwan

Senior Sales Director / Coach
New Century Group Holdings
Start up sales organisation.
Recruiting and training of 2 managers and 12 Sales Executives all bi-lingual with the
" Charter Reezults System"
for Kenting Resorts Taiwan.
Gross Sales New Taiwan Dollars 151.900.000.-

2011 - 2013 Tenerife, canary Islands, spain

Senior Sales Manager (Canary Islands)
D.R.I. Tenerife.
Senior Sales Manager (Germans, French, Dutch, Belgium and Italians)
Responsibilities: Training/Coaching/ Recruiting sales representatives and managers for each nationality. Gross Turnover GBP 9.000.000.-

Oct. 2013 - May 2014 bogota, colombia

Senior Sales Director
New Century Group Holding South America
Start up a sales organization.
Responsible for Training/ Coaching/ Recruiting executives on the " Charter Reezults System"
Gross turnover U$D 6.400.000


Training Sales Staff in Asia on AquilTrainer & Business Development Manager Asia Plantation Capital S.A.
Europe ( Germany, Austria and Switzerland) &
Asia ( Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan) aria Products
Gross Turnover U$ 80.000.000.- yearly